Launch the Next Generation of STEM Stars

Please help us thank our STEM Star supporters for making the purchase of the historic McCrory Building possible:
Fireline, Inc.
Gloria Jones
The Michael Kusalaba Fund of The Youngstown Foundation
The Youngstown Foundation
Frank & Pearl Gelbman Foundation
Florence Simon Beecher
Thomases Family Endowment of the YAJF
Denise DeBartolo York
J. Ford Crandall Memorial Foundation
John & Loretta Hynes Foundation
Frances & Lillian Schermer Charitable Trust
Bruce & Carol Sherman
Chuck George & Kathy Padgitt
Lamb Foundation
Neckerman Foundation
The Youngstown Foundation Support Fund
Allen’s PharmaServ
The Karr Foundation

Visitors enter OH WOW!® The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology at our Visitor Orientation Center, generously sponsored by Kimberly and Jeff Simon in honor of their children Zachary and Zoe Simon.  You will be greeted by our WOW! Pals and the “Infinite Possibilities Penguin,” designed by Robert W. Walker and sponsored by Tony, Mary, Natalie and Dana Lariccia.  A gallery of concrete bas-relief plaques represent the core disciplines of a well-rounded education, reminding OH WOW!® visitors that learning occurs in many ways.  These plaques were rescued and restored from the now-demolished Hillman Elementary School (circa 1929) by local architect Raymond J. Jaminet and Youngstown CityScape in 2009.

OH WOW!® embraces universal design principles in our 17,820 square foot facility, ensuring we’re accessible to the greatest number of people possible without regard to ability or disability on our exhibit floors and in our administrative offices.  (1st Floor = 8,560 SF, Lower Level = 9,260 SF w/ 6,420 SF for Exhibit Hall & Support Area, 2,000 SF for Storage & Workshop, and 840 SF for Office Space.)

There are now eleven galleries, or WOW! Zones and more than sixty hands-on, interactive opportunities, or exhibits, linked to the educational content standards of Ohio & Pennsylvania in OH WOW!®.  OH WOW!®’s permanent exhibit collections promotes understanding of the Scientific Process of Inquiry, encouraging visitors to make observations, draw conclusions from those observations, and adjust or modify their experiments (or actions) to get a different (or better) result.

Our InspireWorks! Lab features a lean manufacturing environment and Deming’s Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) continuous improvement process.  Our guests are able to “MAKE” products of their choosing, using real world tools and materials.

Our locally-designed and locally-built “Kids in the Kitchen” exhibit features a farm-to-table experience for our youngest visitors.

“Drive to Excel” is our newest exhibit zone, dedicated to the concept that visitors of all abilities can engage and interact with adaptive equipment and technologies that enable them to excel at activities of their choosing.  Capital investments now exceed $2.5 million.

Drive to Excel WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by the Hine Memorial Fund of The Youngstown Foundation, Mahoning Valley Hospital Foundation, Eastern Ohio Area Health Education Center, Sweeney Chevrolet and J. Ford Crandall Foundation.
Celebrating the drive of individuals to engage in their world – building on their life experiences and circumstances, exploring adaptive equipment and technologies that can be used to help each of us passionately engage in life! The Drive to Excel area features Silly Faces an interactive video installation by artist Amanda Long.

Avionics WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by the Cafaro Family Foundation
Featured in the Avionics area is the Airplane Shooter, requiring visitors to fashion their own paper airplanes and launch them at a variety of targets.  Thanks to the Lallo Family, “Big John’s Flight Trainer” was recently installed on our experimental bi-plane.

Brain Power WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by First National Bank
In Brain Power, test your knowledge of budgets, wants versus needs and saving with the Brain Quiz.  Remember to complete your withdrawal from the ATM, and enter our FNB-sponsored monthly drawing for $25.

The Suzi Solomon Early Childhood WOW! ZONE


Sponsored by The Solomon & Post Families, Edward W. Powers Charitable Fund, The Hine Memorial Fund of The Youngstown Foundation, Junior League of Youngstown, The Gubany Family in memory of Helen Gubany, Fred & Mary Lou Alexander, Bruce & Carol Sherman and Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC.  Additional sponsorships are available.

Young children are constantly exploring.  All their senses are used to observe and draw conclusions about objects and events through simple scientific investigations.  Kids in the Kitchen was designed by Faniro Architects and built by Crowe Cabinets, providing an opportunity for our youngest visitors to experience the Farm to Table cycle.

Earth & Weather WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by WFMJ TV 21
Think you would make a good meteorologist?  Report the weather forecast using the OH WOW!® Green Screen or experience it first hand in the Hurricane Chamber.

The Howard Solomon

Engineering WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by The Howard Solomon Family
Creativity, problem identification and problem solving with members of your team are your tasks in the Engineering WOW! ZONE.  Construct the Catenary Arch.  Test your skills at the Magnet Wall or Lego Table.  Build a Gear Train by interlocking different sizes of gears together.

Explore what you can move with air.  A-mazing Airwaves was recently re-designed thanks to the Miller & Sokolov Families in honor of Ezra.

River of Knowledge WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by Veeraiah Choudary & S. Lakshmi Perni
Our Stream Table allows guests to create channels and dams that release and stop the flow of water.  Force water uphill, using the Archimedes Screw or build systems that divert and capture water at the Erosion Table.  Not wet enough?  Experiment with the Laminar Jets and Bernoulli Fountains.

Sound & Light WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by The Home Savings & Loan Charitable Foundation
Create your own compositions on the Rhythm Machine and the Pipe Organ.  Dance through the beams of the Laser Guitar and shout to the world in the Echo Tube.

Energy WOW! ZONE

Sponsorship Available
Explore the power of light at the Solar Dome and control the illusion of filmed power at the Video Browser!

InspireWorks! WOW! ZONE

Sponsored by The Youngstown Foundation, Frank & Pearl Gelbman Charitable Foundation, The Schwebel Family Foundation, Renee & Steve Giangiordano, Thomases Family Endowment of the Youngstown Jewish Federation, Chris & Kristin Jaskiewicz, and The William M. Neckerman, Jr. Charitable Foundation
This 3700’ Maker Space provides a NEW! interactive experience each time you visit, featuring Deming’s Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) continuous improvement process.  Come and tinker, using real materials and tools.

Need to host an event?
Book the J. Ford Crandall Memorial Foundation’s Function Junction or InspireWorks! Classroom for your party, meeting and event needs!  We encourage you to make your reservation early…  call our specialists at 330-744-5914.

Need to enhance your experience?  Print our exhibit challenges:

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