OH WOW!® offers unique volunteer opportunities for high school and college students, adults and retirees, designed to fit your personal goals!Your investment of time helps to further our mission and enables us to maintain our world-class facility and offer free, quality programming options. In addition, volunteers can earn rewards for their volunteer hours!Together we will enrich the lives of children with OH WOW!®’s colorful, hands-on environment and encourage independent thinking through interactive STEM-based exhibits and EDUtaining programs.

2023 Volunteer Application
Portrait of African American teacher in wheelchair holding glass beaker during chemistry class in school

Volunteer Today

In 2012, OH WOW!® created the Barbara & Sam Abraham Volunteer of the Year Award. Volunteers with exceptional service to the Center are eligible to receive the award.


  • Must have completed at least 100 hours
  • Has exhibited exemplary leadership, creativity, cooperation and hard work in their service to OH WOW®
  • Has engaged in the creation, organization, and/or mobilization of volunteers, groups and resources that are involved in projects benefiting OH WOW!®
  • Has demonstrated sustained commitment
  • They continually commit their time, talent and energy, without pay, to improve the mission of OH WOW!®

If you know of a volunteer WOW! Pal you believe is eligible please nominate them by September 1st.

The nominations you submit are reviewed by our staff of WOW! Pals that work with all our volunteers. There’s no need to submit multiple nominations for the same person. Just submit a concise and compelling nomination to manager@ohwowkids.org. Thank you so much for helping honor our WOWtastic volunteers.