Universal Design

OH WOW!® The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology embraces the Principles of Universal Design with the generous support of the Hine Memorial Fund of The Youngstown Foundation.

The term “universal design” was coined by the architect Ronald L. Mace to describe the concept of designing all products and the built environment to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability or status in life. Universal design makes things more accessible, safer and convenient for everyone. It was developed in response to the diversity of human populations, their abilities and their needs.

A few examples of universal design implemented at OH WOW!® include:

  • The ramp leading to the Avionics WOW! ZONE
  • A limited-use elevator
  • Exhibits and counters of varying heights
  • Exhibits with larger control mechanisms
  • Easy, open access at the Hurricane Blast and the River of Knowledge exhibit areas