Color Detective


Adult supervision required: liquids not for drinking


Please read the procedure before beginning! After reading, please watch the video. Some activities require more time and cleanup than others. You also have the choice of performing these activities in a way that suits your needs.



  • Colorifying Template
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Colored cellophane squares
  • 1 clear mylar square
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • 3 Brads
  • Water (not included)



  1. Begin by cutting out and tracing the colorifying glass template. Make two and cut them both out.
  2. Using the lens template, trace the image onto your mylar sheet and cut it out, popping holes into the tabs.
  3. With your markers, draw as many colorful images or scribbles on the paper.
  4. Wet the mylar slightly and place a piece of colorful cellophane on top. Trim to size.
  5. Sandwich the mylar-cellophane duo between your cardboard pieces and secure with the brads!
  6. Look through your colorifying glass. What happens to the drawings you made? What do they look like if you change the color of cellophane?


Science Behind It!

Light is composed of different wavelengths that bounce off objects and into our eyes. Each wave produces a different color; short wavelengths can appear purple, blue or indigo. Longer waves are red and orange, with midlength waves being yellow or green.