OH WOW!TM‘s Request for Qualifications

Oh Wow!TM The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology might be closed to the public because of the coronavirus outbreak, but it is moving forward on its planned renovation.

The project is expected to be completed by Oh Wow!TM’s 2021 birthday, will incorporate an enhancement to a service it began during the closing. 

The request for qualifications for architects below is estimated at $4 million. The renovation of the McCrory Building, which Oh Wow formally took over last year, is the third phase of what is characterized as a 15-year, $15 million campaign. 

Questions and Answers

  • With the RFQ, it indicates an Exhibit B.  It was not included with the pdf you provided.  Are there other Exhibits as well? – No there are no other exhibits, sorry for the confusion.
  • Will you be updating page 5 with the missing numerical values as highlighted on the attached? – No, we will not be using those as criteria in our selection.
  • What preliminary planning has been done? If so, can you provide information about that process and who you worked with?- OH WOW!TM has been conducting internal planning with staff, Board of Directors and client base since 2017.  In Sept. 2019, DS Architects completed a feasibility study, which can be requested.  
  • Will exhibit design be part of the scope of this contract or contracted separately?-  The Board of Directors decided not to include exhibit design in the scope of this contract.
  • Can you please confirm the schedule? It appears you would like construction documents in Sept. is that correct?- Yes, that is correct.
  • Will your offices be open to receive paper copies of the Statement of Qualifications?- Yes, we have staff working in the building on a daily basis.  While our doors are locked, we are receiving mail and accepting deliveries with a phone call to let us know the delivery has arrived. 
  • Please confirm this RFQ is for complete A/E Services through construction rather than just programming services.- Yes, complete A/E services through construction
  • What is your planned selection process? Will, you be shortlisting firms and conducting interviews?-  We are in the process of defining our selection process and will post that process soon.  It may include shortlisting and interviews but depends upon the number of and quality of responses.
  • LEED Certification – we see that you are considering pursuing LEED Certification, what level do you intend to pursue?- We are considering LEED certification, and would most likely target Silver.
  • On p. 3 of 5, under “Basic Service Providers Required”, Graphic Design is listed. Since you mention that “The Board of Directors decided not to include exhibit design in the scope of this contract”, please clarify the anticipated scope of work you are looking for that will need to be provided by a Graphic Designer.- The Board of Directors is not including designing of new exhibits; however, they anticipate that re-invigorating and renovating the space will include new designs and layout for the existing exhibits.
  • I was just checking the OFCC website for any final updates before getting our RFQ finalized and I do not see the OH WOW!TM project listed in their files. – Turns out the RFQ went out with the wrong website. All questions and responses can be found on our website: https://ohwowkids.org/programs/