Community Resources

Additional links for community partners information/involvement.

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NASA at Home

Joe Wicks Is The Nation’s P.E. Teacher With Free Daily Kids Workouts On You Tube

Junior Achievement: Project Tomorrows

ASTC has compiled a list of educational resources and online programming from various STEM-based museums.

GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home provides ways for kids and families to move and learn together.

With schools closed, here are ways to keep your kids learning at home.

Information on COVID-19 for families of OHWOW! That may have any/all questions about coronavirus. 

Comcast offering free internet to help with coronavirus impacts.

ConvertKit has established a $50,000 fund to help creators in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources for parents

Here you will find free downloadable resources, information about our annual teacher workshops,
and much more to help with the education of the natural gas and oil industry.

Make your own cardboard dome!

Apple App Caribu, allows you to read, draw, and do activities all in a live video-call without any risk of contamination.
Free during the COVID-19 shutdown