Available Resources

To all interested Educators, friends and families of OHWOW! In these challenging  times we would like to offer additional options for learning resources  in hopes of providing continuous STEM based activity  through engagement with your student and/or child. We have provided three options for you to decide on what is best for your student and/or child.

The “FAMILY RESOURCE” tab will give a pathway for everyone to enjoy science based activities.

The “EDUCATOR RESOURCE” tab will provide teachers additional/ supplemental STEM based curricula adhering to state standards.

The “COMMUNITY RESOURCE” tab will provide our community partners links and the availability that they will additionally provide.

Thanks to our partners at the Mahoning Valley Historical Society for providing information and activities for families. Click here to learn more.

Connect with us on our Facebook page and Youtube channel for continuous updates and STEM activities

We sincerely hope that you and your family and/or class will continue to work together so that each and every child is fully engaged and has all the resources available. Have fun and we hope that you enjoy your WOW!tastic exploring.

Need more information? Give us a call 330.744.5914.