Here at OH WOW!® we believe that learning can be exciting, no matter the age.  If your child is interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, then we have just the thing for them. We created the OH WOW!® STEM SAK (Science Activity Kit) to bring all the fun of OH WOW!® right to your home or classroom.   Our activities encourage children to learn through hands-on, imaginative play and critical thinking.  With supplemental curriculum and videos, we have just the right OH WOW!® STEM SAK to help challenge your child or student in the most fun, educative way!  

What is an OH WOW!® STEM SAK?

A STEM SAK (Science Activity Kit) is an OH WOW!® Moment “to go” that uses household materials to help you and your children  “Science at Home” with challenging design and build projects.  Each month, you can order a STEM SAK Bundle that contains four new projects, complete with all the materials and instructions for hours of hands-on EDUtainment fun and learning.  What will you build this month? 

How it works

  1. Purchase a monthly OH WOW!® STEM SAK.
  2. Get it delivered to your door
  3. Explore and enjoy each of the 4 projects included.
  4. Repeat next month!

To purchase larger quantities contact Mr. Ralf.

Future sponsorships available contact Suzanne for more information.