Science of Brewing: Make! Sponsors

A few years ago, in 2012, 
Oh WOW! wanted to raise some funds. 
They had an idea that was swell,
In fact, it was second to none. 

The Science of Brewing— attend if you’re able, 
Our adult-only after hours event
Keeps water flowing at the tables.
All the funds raised are money well spent! 

Our Inspire Works lab will be open to you
To plan and design your very own MAKE.
The sky is the limit to what you can do.
And at the end of the night, it’s yours to take.

Hurry hurry,
Don’t delay,
Our event is soon,
About two weeks away. 

OH WOW! is happy to inspire our explorers in different areas of STEM, from marshmallow launching catapults, to weaving, to circuit blocks, and pendulum painting. Our entire area is stocked with supplies that will spark imaginations and teach our explorers the engineering process–

Plan: gathering different recycled materials and design the project
Do: Use the materials to make their project
Check: Testing the design for efficiency and usability
Act: Determine any modifications or corrections needed

We extend a sincere thank you to our Make! sponsors for your on-going support of our mission.

*Alex Downie & Sons
*City of Youngstown
*The Business Journal
*Yurchyk & Davis
*Patsy Bakos