Science of Brewing Countdown: Mash Sponsors

A few years ago, in 2012, 
Oh WOW! wanted to raise some cash. 
They had an idea that was swell-
What is more fun than brewing, they asked? 

The Science of Brewing: all the cool kids are going, 
An afterhours adult-only event
 That keeps our hurricane chamber blowing.
If you attended before, you’re happy you went! 

But before you toast your mug of ale,
The beverage must start with a potion of mash. 
Which is where our brewers set sail. 
Tickets are going, don’t walk, but dash!

Hurry hurry,
Don’t delay,
Our event is soon,
About three weeks away. 

As we prepare for of our 6th Annual Science of Brewing fundraising event, we want to begin by thanking our generous mash sponsors, Inspired Catering by Kravitz, V2, Vintage Estates, Christopher’s at the End of the TunnelDavid & Judith Jones and Jet Creative.

But what exactly is mash and how is it a part of our bash?

Mash is the term used to describe the early brewing process, where hot water is steeped to hydrate the barley, activate the malt enzymes, and convert the grain starches into fermentable sugars. Temperature and technique is the crucial start of the process, much like our sponsors.

The type of brew will depend on the mash technique used, and our different brewers will be on-hand at our adult-only event on August 11, 2017 from 6:00-9:00 PM to answer any questions you have about their technique. You don’t want to miss the fantastic event!

Tickets & sponsorships are still available — Call 330-744-5914 today for more information!

OH WOW! fundraising event