Science of Brewing Countdown: Crush Sponsor

A few years ago, in 2012, 
Oh WOW! wanted to raise some cash. 
They had an idea that was swell-
What is more fun than brewing, they asked? 

Thus was born the Science of Brewing, 
An afterhours adult-only event
That keeps Millie the Cow mooing. 
If you attended before, you’re happy you went! 

But before you toast your mug of ale, 
The hops and malt first are crushed. 
Which is when our brewers begin their trail.
The chance to learn more is a must.

Hurry hurry,
Don’t delay,
Our event is soon,
About four weeks away. 

As we prepare for of our 6th Annual Science of Brewing fundraising event, we want to begin by thanking our generous crush sponsor, Ideal Image.

The type of brew will depend on the how finely the whole hops and malt are crushed. Crush is similar to the way coffee beans are ground, from coarse to fine, and the type of crush will determine the flavor of the finished product. For example, a more fine crush will make the mash more efficient, but it also produces excess tannins. Therefore, the level of crush is a delicate balance.

Ideally, the husk is removed from the grain, so that only the center part of the kernel is crushed. In mass commercial breweries, up to 25% of the husk is left intact, and ground finely, which accounts for the flavor difference from microbreweries.

Stay tuned next week when we learn more about the “Mash” part of brewing and thank our Mash level sponsors.

Our brewers will be on-hand at our adult-only event on August 11, 2017 from 6:00-9:00 PM to answer any questions you have about their techniques.

Tickets & sponsorships are still available — Call 330-744-5914 today for more information!

OH WOW! fundraising event