OH WOW!® Moments

oh-wow-momentAn OH WOW!® Moment is a 3- to 5-minute educational epiphany, an enlightening experience!  OH WOW!® Moments help explain or demonstrate scientific concepts.  Each Moment has a WOW! factor, but are simple enough to recreate at home or at school with everyday items.

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Have an OH WOW!® Moment at Home!  All you need is a mug and a balloon.  Dip the balloon halfway into the empty mug and blow it up until it’s stuck in the mug.  Then, pinch the mouth of the balloon closed and lift.

Describe what happens?  Why do you think that happens?  What can you do differently?

Have an OH WOW!® Moment at School!  Get yourself and your classmates some plastic sandwich bags.  Fill them with water and hold closed, tying them if you have to.  Hold over a sink (or have paper towels handy) and slowly poke a sharpened pencil through the bag.  Don’t just poke it through one side, either — send it straight through the other side of the bag!

Describe what happens?  Why do you think that happens?  What can you do differently?

Want to be the star of an OH WOW!® Moment?  Send your ideas and videos to directorofed@OHWOWKids.org